【Nagoya Trip recommendation】8 secret sightseeing spots in Nagoya


8 secret sightseeing spots in Nagoya

These place is a little know but good place. I recommend if you have chance to come Nagoya, AICHI prefecture.

1. Fushimi underground Japanese Sake bar street (Chojamachi Yokocho)

The street have many Japanese Sake bar. it’s standing style and cheaper. You will enjoy Nagoya’s night.

Entrance to under ground bar street

A tourist isn’t know the street. There is really safety and friendly Japanese so many.

So many Japanese Sake bar

2. Toyokuni Shrine

Constructed in 1885 in honor of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. The temple is considered to bring good fortune to one’s career, benefits to “The way of tea” and construction of various kinds.

Toyokuni Shrine

You can see so big TORII on the approach to a shrine.

Jumbo TRII is over 15 meters highest.

3. Noritake no Mori

The park located in central Nagoya, boasts a land area of 48,000 square meters. Noritake is tableware company. There is them factory and you will visit it.

Noritake no Mori park

You will be able to buy some souvenir.

Japanese picture painted on dish.

4. Miura Knives

The store is selling so many Japanese Knives. Japanese knife’s  is really good. You will be enjoy every day’s cooking!

Miura Knives sign

  • Address : 3-39-36 2nd floor Osu,  Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • URL : https://miuraknives.com/
  • English : OK
  • Credit card : OK

5. Endoji Shopping street

Endoji shopping street is old Japanese style. Some store established since 1800. New store come to there in 2 or 3 years and they renovated old houses.

Endoji shopping street sign

You will trip to old Japanese style.

Renovated old house.

6. Rokku no Kura-chan

This is a Japanese-style pub, and that is made by remodeling a private house. It is near the Nagoya castle. You will enjoy many kinds of Japanese sake with limited cost (about 20 US$ / person )

The pub provide many kind of Japanese sake

I’d recommend visit to this pub if you would like to know more about Japanese culture. Pub’s dad and mom will greet you with a smile.

You will enjoy Japanese culture.

7. NaNa-chan mannequin

She’s a landmark and meeting place for Nagoya’s train station. Her clothes are changed often to reflect the seasons or trend of her dresser. She was born 28th Apr, 1973. Height : 610cm, Weight 600kg, B:207cm, W:207, H: 215.

Nana-chan doll

So many tourist take a picture with NaNa-chan weekend. You try to take it if you have chance to come Nagoya station.


At Atsuta Jingu is enshrined Kusanagi-Mitsurugi, one of the three imperial regalia which serve as proof imperial succession. Atsuta Jingu was founded in the year 113,  under the reign of Emperor Keiko. so it has a history of about 1,900 years.

Atsuta Jingu

In the precinct of Atsuta Jingu, historical structure are dotted around, offering opportunities to experience ancient Japanese history and culture.

EMA is people write ones wishes on painted wood

I will update any other secret Nagoya’s place.